White Glove Transportation routinely cleans, sanitizes and does thorough mechanical checks on all our vehicles. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 threat, we have taken additional cleaning and sanitizing measures after every transport to ensure the health and safety of our clients. Your health and safety is our #1 priority.

Garner Limo Rental


Why we provide the best services

Garner Limo Rental services have been in business for an extensive period during which we have been offering one of the most reliable services in the transport industry. Our company's number of clients has grown tremendously because we have always worked towards our goal of making sure that our clientele receives top class services at a convenient price. When it comes to limo rental, we believe that you want to ride in style and comfort but without having to spend a fortune. This belief explains why our clientele base has kept on growing.

Experienced staff

Once you make the decision to hire Garner Limo Rental, you can relax because there is no better offer than ours. Our team of highly trained specialists will take care of your transportation with professionalism and devotion. Take advantage of our many years of experience in this business and you will never regret it.

Focus on time

We believe that one of the biggest concerns in this business is being on time. We are very cautious to follow the plans and always focused not to tamper with your schedule in any way. So, we are always ready with a backup plan in case we experience, for example, a mechanical problem with one of our elite cars. Rest assured that you will always reach your destination on time.

Rental elite cars

If you want to turn your event into a special occasion to remember for years to come, then choose one of the many elite cars that we offer to our clients. Whether you are rushing to meet family and friends or taking care of urgent business matters, we offer you a stress-free ride and the promise that you'll reach your destination safe and sound.

Properly checked and maintained cars

Our cars are examined and maintained on a regular basis to avoid any unnecessary mechanical problems while a car is en route.

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