White Glove Transportation routinely cleans, sanitizes and does thorough mechanical checks on all our vehicles. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 threat, we have taken additional cleaning and sanitizing measures after every transport to ensure the health and safety of our clients. Your health and safety is our #1 priority.

Clayton Airport Shuttle


From the beginning of time, traveling has been an essential part of one's day, year or life. Back in the day, individuals could depend only on their own two feet or on animals to be mobile. Therefore, traveling from one point to another would take anywhere from a few days to some months. This state of facts continued until the automobile was invented in the 17th century, an event that triggered a considerable life improvement. However, some of us still have a difficult time getting around behind the wheel and much more people lack the financial resources to make an appropriate entrance at some of the most important events in our lives. The stress caused by the above-mentioned facts can completely ruin the special moments for anybody. Here is where our company comes in.

White Glove transportation specializes in professional private transportation and can service any occasion. The people of North Carolina have relied on us for years and now we are excited to announce new additional services like Clayton airport shuttle and Clayton limo service. Take some of your business executives on one of the best rides of their life, in one of our luxurious, pure black shuttles, after a long and exhausting flight. After the shuttle, treat them with the top of the line VIP service in one of our unique limo rides. We specialize in making clients feel like kings, without the price that this would require.

The main idea is that not only the rich and famous can benefit from these services, but anyone that has a special event. The Clayton airport shuttle and the Clayton limo service can serve you at your next birthday party, prom, wedding, corporate traveling, sports event and more. Just imagine the impression you'll make and the feeling you'll get with our treatment. Make a memory out of your next special event with White Glove Transportation.

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