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Chapel Hill Limo Service


People love to visit the Triangle area because it includes three exciting cities with three distinct ambiances: Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham. Many individuals think that Chapel Hill is a small town and there isn't anything to do here. But in fact, there are several locations that everyone wants to visit when they're in the area. So, let's revise the sights that everyone needs to take a few minutes to check out.

First and foremost, Chapel Hill is best-known for the University of North Carolina, a remarkable public university renowned for its exceptional basketball program. The Tar Heels have won five NCAA tournament titles and six national titles. They have produced all-time basketball legends such as Michael Jordan and Vince Carter. Therefore, everyone should take the time to visit the Dean E. Smith Center, the home of the UNC men's basketball team. In fact, if there is a game going on, why not call up Chapel Hill limousine service to drive you there and watch a game? Nothing can match the atmosphere of a UNC basketball game, especially during the UNC-Duke rivalry.

Secondly, everyone needs to visit Top of the Hill, a legendary restaurant in the UNC area and home of the celebrations parties given after a big basketball win, such as a victory over Duke or another NCAA tournament title. The students will flood the intersection at Columbia and Franklin and the view from the restaurant will be unbeatable. Just let Chapel Hill ground transportation drive you to this restaurant!

Finally, Franklin Street is home to numerous restaurants and small business like mom and pop shops that generate a true main street feel unlike any other. If you're looking for a small-town experience that is reminiscent of a time long since passed, stop and visit Franklin Street in Chapel Hill!

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