White Glove Transportation routinely cleans, sanitizes and does thorough mechanical checks on all our vehicles. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 threat, we have taken additional cleaning and sanitizing measures after every transport to ensure the health and safety of our clients. Your health and safety is our #1 priority.

Frequently Asked Questions


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To determine the cost of our services we have to consider several factors. Among these are the kind of car required. Our luxury sedans are the least expensive. The larger the car the greater the charge. Other factors are the length of time the driver and car are being used. The distance traveled is also a consideration as well as the other services that may be required. We have package deals for weddings and proms. Prices change depending on these and other factors, so contact us for a quote.
Our corporate accounts are our customers that use us on a weekly basis. They are given receipts for each trip. Corporate accounts are required to provide a valid credit card for processing. When the end of the month comes around we bill them the full amount and are paid within 48 hours.
We are very competitive with our prices, and always give you the best price we can! However, one of the worst mistakes one can make when looking for a limousine service is to shop based on price alone. When getting a chauffeur driven limo, there is a wide variety of quality and services. Usually a cheaper price translates into a possible bad experience for you. People wouldn’t choose their restaurants or hotel accommodations based only on price. Not getting the best quality service, clean safe cars, and courteous drivers are all very likely if you shop based on price alone.
We accept most major credit cards. Check or cash are not preferred.
In this industry, the standard tip is 20%.
Yes. Our company is fully licensed and insured. Our drivers have also been licensed according to local state law. Fingerprinting and a criminal history is part of the screening to Chauffeur.
We try to be flexible with food. Not all foods are allowed in the vehicles. We can provide soft drinks and waters. You are more than welcomed to bring whatever drinks you would like.
We only have no-smoking cars.
We have map books, GPS and online services to help us find your location. We are not always able to find a location due to misspelled words, or the street name is Dr. not Court etc. In that case we will call our customer to get additional information.
We have been a family owned business since 2015.

We need some lead time to prepare the vehicles and schedule the cars and drivers. It is always best to schedule at least 24 hours in advance.

There are times when we can be flexible with the vehicles. It depends on how booked we are that day. Not always will we be able to allow you the additional time as that vehicle may be booked for something later on. Depending on the type of agreement we have this may be done. For some of our package deals we have figured the distance traveled and the drivers time into the price and variations are not usually permitted. Please understand that scheduling our cars and drivers is an important factor to being on time, and in giving a competitive price.

Of course we will. One of the main reasons to use our service is for peace of mind. We will contract the level of service with you and the type of car. We would not, for instance, ever consider using one of our cars if they were in need of an emergency repair, but we would meet or exceed your contracted expectations!

Yes! We pride ourselves on the quality and safety of our cars. Let us know 24 hour before when you are coming and we will show them to you.

We will do all in our power to provide you with your favorite driver. However it must be remembered that our drivers may have an illness or even chauffeur part time and work full time elsewhere. For some other reason and we can not guarantee a specific driver.

We have a luxury sedan,SUV's, 10,14 pax sprinter vans and 10,12,14 passenger stretch limos.

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