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Top Six Reasons to Go On The Wine Tour That You Always Dreamed About


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Are you planning your next trip and the thought of going on a wine tour has crossed your mind? If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur or you simply enjoy the feeling that drinking a glass of fine wine gives you, then going a wine tour is the best thing that you can do. Today we will go over the top six reasons why wine tours are an amazing experience and why this type of vacation should be on everyone’s buckets list! No matter if you are an oenophile or not.

  • Discover New Flavors

Hands down, the best thing about wine tours is the tasting experience. Each vinery that you will visit will prepare at least half a dozen of outstanding wines for you to taste. This will not only refresh your taste buds, but it will also allow you to discover new flavors. Who knows? Maybe you will find your new favorite wine.

  • Rare Blends

Since we previously mentioned the wine tasting experience, we have to highlight that wineries that respect their craft will have rare blends that they only offer to people who can appreciate them. Getting the chance to taste rare blends that you would normally find impossible to access is a special experience that you shouldn’t say no to.

  • Buy Straight from the Source

The tour guide will take you to more than one winery and they will all have special flavors for you to taste. The great thing about this is that you can purchase your favorite flavors directly from the supplier. First off, this will make the vintner happy that he is selling his product. Secondly, you are going to buy the wine at a better price in comparison to retail. You can store it in your home wine cooler and impress your family members at the next meet-up.

  • No Designated Driver

Even though tasting rare blends of wine is an extraordinary experience, you have to admit that not being able to swallow because you are the designated driver is annoying. Drinking the wine is half the fun! Fortunately, the wine tour organizer will provide you with transport. This will help you avoid getting a DUI charge while still enjoying a good glass of wine.

  • The Location

What many people don’t realize is that wine tours are just like a vacation. You can choose from a variety of places to visit during the tour and all of them are outstanding. Just imagine how amazing you will feel when swirling some of the world’s best wine in your glass as you look over the mesmerizing sight of a vineyard located in the South of France, Italy or even Los Angeles.

  • Wine Tours are Not Expensive

A common misconception about wine tours is that they are expensive and that only rich people can afford to pay for such an experience. This is completely false! Even though wine tours are a classy and fancy experience, you are going to be pleasantly surprised to find out that they are quite affordable. You can find different tour packages that include everything from transport up to the hotel room.

Posted on Jan 08 2020

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