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Top 5 Tips For Planning Your Next Corporate Event


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A corporate event is a great opportunity for letting workmates interact outside of the workplace as well as encourage and enhance networking. This is quite possibly the one chance you’d get to interact with the boss as well as the senior managers. Therefore, which is the best way possible to ensure its success?


  1. Don’t be skimpy

At any event, matters such as catering including the quality of the services rendered can be a very sensitive area such that it would highly dictate the mood of the guests and eventually the success of the event. The key here is very simple: don’t skimp! Get a great venue along with excellent service. Besides, you don’t want to make the boss look bad, do you?

If you really need to cut costs on the budget think of areas such as entertainment whereby you could source it from nearby schools and colleges or from upcoming talent in the community. This will not only be cheaper, but it will also be a unique twist.


  1. Help make it fun

Naturally, guests at the event will keep a very formal kind of interaction, so why not help them loosen up and make it more fun. One great tip would be to include a fun fact about the person on their name tag. The fun fact could be anything from their nickname to the things they love. This will go a long way in initiating conversations at the event.

Should anyone end up having a little too much to drink, assure them that Raleigh car service is always available to get them home. Our chauffeurs are professionals, and they are well trained to handle each situation with prudence and confidentiality.


  1. Delegate

Just because you have been tasked with the responsibility of organizing the event doesn’t mean you should do it entirely on your own. Feel free to delegate duties to several committees. This will not only help reduce your workload, but it will also enhance the joy of the guests as they will feel that they played a role in the success of a beautiful event.


  1. Make everyone feel like a VIP

One of the key points of a corporate event is to enhance networking as it wouldn’t be much of an event if no one interacts. To break this ice, have each important client on the guest list assigned an employee who shall be responsible for them throughout the event. The aim is to have each guest feel important and cared for.

For any guests flying in, you could employ us to get them to the event using airport shuttle Raleigh just so as to enhance the VIP experience.


  1. Eliminate surprises

As a planner, you cannot be caught off-guard by anything as this will make you feel embarrassed and your bosses’ respect for you will even diminish. Make sure your invitees RSVP so that you can are prepared on how many guests to expect. This will come in handy in not only estimating the food budget but also arranging for the seating, as well as having ample time to prep up on the guests to expect.

Make sure you meet all the vendors earlier on before the event and make sure you are all on the same page concerning the delivery of good and services at the event.

At the end of the day, the aim is having an event that neatly combines work and pleasure. Therefore make it as interesting as possible and do not forget to suck up to the boss! Above all else, it is he who should look good at the event.

Posted on Feb 15 2017

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