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Romantic Things to Do in Raleigh on Valentine's Day


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Are you planning to be in Raleigh, North Carolina on Valentine's Day? If so, you should know that this city is definitely a wonderful place to enjoy February 14th with a date or partner. Today, we'd like to share some information about three fun and romantic things to see and do on Valentine's Day. The South is so beautiful and Raleigh is one of its premier cities.


Discover Historic Yates Mill County Park

If a wintry stroll is appealing, wear some layers and then prepare to explore Historic Yates Mill County Park. You may hit one of the park's trails for a hike and keep an eye out for turtles, squirrels, birds and other interesting park "residents". The Mill itself looks beautiful and it will make the perfect backdrop for Valentine's Day selfies of the two of you!


Learn About the North Carolina Museum of Art

Why not drink in some artistic beauty with your date on the 14th of February? When you choose to visit the North Carolina Museum of Art, you'll find that it was well worth the trip. Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and the museum includes a restaurant, so you'll be able to dine before or after you explore. You'll find so many amazing statues at the site, including Rodin designs, which were cast via molds. As well, you'll be able to see some masterpieces up close and personal, including a variety of paintings by Rubens.


Watch a Hockey Game at PNC Arena

The Hurricanes are the city's NHL team and you'll be able to watch them in action when you take your date to a hockey game at PNC Arena. This is a great date night idea for Valentine's Day, especially if one or both of you are NHL hockey fans. The arena is very nice, with all of the usual amenities, and the vibes before and during games are always very positive.

In particular, women who want to give their guys awesome V-day experiences will find that this impressive arena offers the perfect Valentine's Day ambiance. Some guys don't want candlelit dinners and so on, but a lot really love professional hockey. Naturally, a lot of women love it, too!


Book a Limo for the Big Day

If you want to forget about driving and parking on Valentine's Day, you should know that booking luxury transportation, complete with chauffeur, will be the key to enjoying a truly romantic and stress-free day. Limo rentals from the company are really affordable and White Glove Transportation has a very strong and positive reputation in the city.

Treating your date to limo transportation will be so thoughtful. He or she may recline in comfort and cuddle with you as you're driven from Point A to Point. It's definitely a great way to make other people feel special and this is why it's a popular service on Valentine's Day. To be on the safe side, book this service well in advance. There are quite a fleet of luxury vehicles to choose from.

Posted on Jan 31 2017

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