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Keeping Your Employees Safe During Holiday Office Parties


White Glove Transportation

Holiday office parties are fun, and they’re a great way to encourage your employees to let loose and have a little fun. We understand wanting to take a break from the mundane and spend some time with your employees while they’re refreshed and enjoying themselves, and we know your priority is keeping your employees safe during the holiday office party. For that reason, we thought we’d provide you with a list of the best tips for keeping your employees safe when it’s time to celebrate the holidays with your employees.


Opt for Good Food Choices

You never know who might be allergic to a specific food, so be sure there’s something for everyone at the holiday party. We recommend a vegetarian option, a vegan option, a meat option, and something without any gluten. Variety is the spice of life, and everyone should have the option to eat without worrying about their allergies or health concerns.


Keep the Bar Open

Your employees want to have a good time, and that often comes with access to an open bar. Our recommendation is choosing one or two signature cocktails and leaving it at that rather than a full open bar. Leaving the liquor out of the equation in favor of beer and wine only leaves your employees safer and less likely to overdo it on the mixed drinks.


Hire a Raleigh Car Service

If you’re looking for Raleigh transportation services like ours, you’re going to love our luxury limos, our professional chauffeurs, and our dedication to customer service. Our professional team works hard to ensure each of our customers is treated like royalty, and we help get everyone home safely. You don’t want your employees behind the wheel of their own car if they’ve been drinking all night, so keep them safe with in the hands of our professional chauffeurs on the way home.


Hire an Outside Venue

We’re not talking outside as in the great outdoors. We’re simply talking about not holding the office party at the office. Your business is liable for anything that happens on the grounds, and parties aren’t something you want to hold responsibility for. Choose a venue that’s not your office so you can eliminate responsibility of your own.


Hold a Weeknight Party

It might not sound like fun to throw a party in the middle of the week when everyone must get up the next day to come into the office, but it’s a great way to keep people safe. Your employees are less likely to overdo it, stay out late, or drink too much if they must go to work the following day. You can keep them all safe by throwing your party in the middle of the week.

Holiday parties at the office might not be everyone’s idea of a good time considering you spend so much time together already, but most people have an enjoyable time with no complaint. Keeping your employees safe is your number one priority, and our expert team of professionals is here to assist everyone in getting home safely following all the excitement.


Posted on Jan 10 2017

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