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How To Keep Your Employees Engaged In Business Meetings


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It is estimated that the average employee spends about 35% of their time in some sort of work related meeting. Now couple this with the fact that many employees feel they could be doing much more interesting things with their time, and you have the recipe for another dreaded meeting.

To help spruce up your meetings and keep your employees engaged, experts suggest incorporating these 5 tips:

  1. Create a Compelling Agenda

View each meeting as an event that you need to persuade employees on, which will help keep each meeting engaging. In addition, prior to each meeting, take time to create compelling content to send via email to pique the interest of your attendees. Lastly, be sure to include details concerning which agenda they are attending and why, which will give them time to ready themselves to make a contribution.

  1. Offer Incentives

Understand that meetings can sometimes ignite feelings of bitterness in employees because they take time away from other responsibilities. Creating an incentive, such as a free meal or a no-strings attached break-time where employees can leave the office for some personal time, can help soothe the resentment often associated with having to attend, yet, another meeting. Incentives provide instant gratification, which is more likely to convince employees that the meeting is worth their time.

  1. Be Spontaneous

Selecting different activities for each meeting helps create spontaneity and intrigue, which helps prevent employees from becoming bored. For example, you could infuse a little humor into your next gathering by bringing in a budding comedian. This unexpected twist on your meeting will help generate energy, which will help relax your employees and keep them in the present.

  1. Use Stand Up Desks

Utilizing stand-up desks to take notes and sip refreshments, as opposed to traditional sit-down desks, keeps employees more alert and encourages more engagement. In fact, one study showed that employees who stood up during brainstorming produced more creative ideas than those who were seated during brainstorming. If your business gathering is small, you could also consider taking a walk around the facilities to take in some much needed breezes and inspiring views while you brainstorm.

  1. Acknowledge Success

While it is essential to discuss strict bottom lines, tight deadlines, and executive concerns, it is possible to make it less rigorous by accrediting success where it is due. During your next meeting, take time to point out outstanding achievements performed by employees. This not only helps generate a positive mood but also makes your employees feel appreciated. Before you know it, your employees will be scurrying to meetings in hopes of being recognized for their contributions.

In the end, taking the time to create employee focused meetings shows your employees that you value their time and participation, which will go a long way towards changing their outlook concerning attending business meetings. In addition, securing quality travel arrangements at reputable companies, such as White Glove Transportation, will also help improve their mood.


Posted on Dec 21 2016

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