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How to Have a Hassle-Free Experience at the Airport


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Spending time in the airport is often exciting, but it’s time-consuming and exhausting at times. It’s long lines, it’s rushed travelers, and it’s hope your flight isn’t delayed, the weather cooperates, and you’re not late to your gate. The airport is filled with hugs, excitement, tears, and happiness. It’s also filled with hassle for those who fail to plan. We know that failing to plan is a simple way of planning to fail, so we put together a list of the best tips you might need to plan for a hassle-free experience at the airport when it’s time to take your next vacation.


Know Your Airline Information

Airport travel is made abundantly simple when you get to know your airline’s rules. All airlines have different requirements, so please take a few moments to call or visit your airline’s website to familiarize yourself with the following:


- Baggage allowances

- Baggage size limits

- Baggage fees

- Time-frames for domestic vs. international travel at the airport

- Carry-on information


If your airline only allows a 40-pound bag before they charge you for overages, you need to know. If they only allow carry-on bags of a certain size on board, you need to know. The more you know before you go, the easier it is to check-in and board without any hassle.


Get Organized

You’ll need your license or other photo identification, your boarding pass or your app with your boarding pass, and other information on hand when you arrive. Keep these items where they are easily accessible. Be sure you don’t have any liquids in your bag more than 3 oz. in size. This includes lotions and make-up items. If you have any of these, put them in a clear bag and be sure you have no more than 3 oz. in each container in this bag. The more organized you are before you arrive, the faster you’ll get through the airport.


Dress Appropriately

You might be hot, but you might be cold. Wear layers to prepare for that, but make them simple layers. Don’t wear a coat, a cardigan, and a scarf along with boots. You’ll end up taking everything off at security, and you’ll spend more time than you want in the line. Be sure you have socks on since you have to take off your shoes at security, wear shoes easy to get on and off for the same reason, and make your layers easy ones so security isn’t a drag.


Choose Transportation Ahead of Time

If you’re not sure how to get from the airport to your hotel, allow us to suggest you hire our North Carolina car service. Our chauffeurs can meet you in baggage claim so you aren’t left wasting time looking for transportation in Raleigh. Stress is minimized when you aren’t standing in long lines waiting on transportation because yours is right there.

Our transportation service is available in Raleigh all day, every day. We want to take care of you and your travel needs, which is why we love to offer not only professional service and transportation but also tips to help our customers enjoy their travel to the fullest extent.

Posted on Jan 17 2017

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