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Business Trips Don’t Always Have To Be All About Business


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Vacation is always enjoyable, and we love to pack our bags and head somewhere warm and tropical or where the snow allows us to play hard during the day and get cozy at night. When it’s a business trip, it’s safe to say we’re a little less excited about things. Business trips get a bad reputation for being boring, stuffy, and inconvenient. Who wants to leave their home, their families, and their everyday comforts for an impersonal hotel room, meetings, and networking events? Few people enjoy business travel, and we think it’s because they don’t know that business trips don’t always have to be about business. You can make it more fun, and we’ll tell you how.


Travel in Style

When you’re on a business trip, it’s time to upgrade. Ask for a first class or business class seat, and be sure to take advantage of the company’s airport lounge access. It’s also a great idea to call our car service in Raleigh so you can ride in style around the city. Our Raleigh transportation service is luxurious, comfortable, and our chauffeurs are always professional. Nothing is more fun than traveling in style, especially when it’s a business expense.


Dine Well

When you’re on business, you might skip the boring meals and go for the good stuff. Your company is probably paying for you to eat while you’re on your business trip, so take advantage of that with room service, upscale dinners, and meals you really want to try. You can always look forward to good food on a business trip, and being in a new city provides you the perfect opportunity to try new things and places.


Stay Longer

Your company is paying for your flight, so why not schedule enough time to stay a few extra days before or after your trip? They’re not going to pay for additional nights in a hotel, but your airfare is covered, so the budget isn’t broken by this one. You get to stay and play, which is always something you miss out on when you’re in meetings all day.


Bring the Family

If you have a spouse and/or kids, bring them along or have them meet you in the city. You can send them on fun excursions during the day or let them lounge by the pool, and you can all enjoy a little vacation when you’re done with your meetings. Your spouse and kids have a free room with you, so it’s the perfect time to take advantage of this kind of travel.



Business travel is about business, and networking is important. The great news is you can network both professionally and personally. Ask your new networking friends what you can do around the city, what they recommend as far as things to do and see, and how you can enjoy your time in the city.

Traveling for business isn’t always as much fun as vacation, but there’s no reason you can’t spend a little time enjoying the time you do have in a new city while much of your trip is being paid for by work.

Posted on Feb 21 2017

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